With handfuls of dating and match making online platforms, it's safe to say now that meeting people online isn't shameful--(but what we do there online there might be) .

The truth is, we all want the same thing but we seem to create a lot of pervy awkward conversations and drama to get there.

So what's the solution to this web dating revolution?

Two words: Shadow Match-work.
It's a new age, don't you think it's time that we start doing things differently?
This evolutionary new way of matching online that takes the headache out of white knuckling it on a first date and ensures both parties go beyond what meets the eye.

Some of us are professional profilers and some are just pros at making profiles. This match making service cuts through the bullshit with a butter knife and provides an opportunity to work through common personal pitfalls that obstruct opportunities for true love.

Let's face it--online dating is convenient and sometimes creepy. You don't have to continue down the jaded path of love and you definitely don't have to compromise your deepest desires and innermost values to stay out of the Loney ??s club anymore.